Oral Surgery

chirurgia orale

All extractive surgery, including wisdom teeth surgery in dysodontiasis, is available including periodontal and frenula surgery.

Dental Implants


The Apicella Practice carries out implant surgery operations ranging from simple rehabilitation, relative to a single dental element, to complex rehabilitation, relative to entire groups almost entirely or completely edentulous. In selected cases, post-extractive implantology with immediate loading is performed. Finally, there is also pre-implant surgery to modify the anatomy of the receiving site, making it suitable for the placement of one or more implants (maxillary sinus increase in the two large and small versions, split crest, etc.).

Restorative Treatment


In addition to direct restorations in the anterior and posterior areas, we offer indirect restorations using the veneer technique (front areas) or inlay technique (rear areas). Whether composite resin or ceramic, we use top quality materials.



We offer deferred payment solutions, including zero-rate interest.

Orthodontics & Gnathology

Whether through traditional metal equipment or with the latest invisible aligners, we handle all cases of malocclusion and unsightly tooth misalignment.


Root Canal Treatment


From canal therapies to endodontic surgery and reprocessing, all of the interventions in this basic branch of dentistry fall within the scope of our services.

Hygiene & Peridontology

igiene e parodontologia



Periodontal care and dental hygiene sessions are at the heart of our activity both because prevention is our first objective and because, as we know, a mouth in optimal hygiene conditions, is a source of health for the entire body and is also an ideal starting point for achieving the success of any dental treatment. From root sanding to regenerative surgery, we cover the full range of periodontal performance.



The little patient is welcome at our practice where they can undergo preventive interventions, ranging from fluoroprophylaxis to groove sealing and caries treatment of deciduous teeth.

Dental Prosthesis

In addition to the most advanced implant prosthesis techniques, we can boast extensive experience in the field of traditional fixed and removable prosthesis, both partial and total, which, although with limited indications, are still applicable today.


Teeth Whitening


Give your smile a "coat of paint": at our studio you can undergo whitening treatments in a single session.

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